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Raj Thermometers
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Digital Timer / Stop watch (RT-143)

Company Name : Raj Thermometers
Brand Name : "Raj" Make
Model Number : RT-143
Minimum Order : No. bar
Delivery Period ÂÂÂ : Depends upon the order quantity.
Detail Description :

1. It can countdown and count up cycle, the maximum time is :99:99;
2. When the time is countdown 00:00; it will alarm sound for 30 seconds;
3. Timer reset when depressing M and S key;
4. Press M can set minute, and press S can set second;
5. Press START/PAUSE key can start or pause the countdown and count up;
6. There is a magnet on the back of the timer;
7. Single 1.5V battery operation;
8. Use of the environment :- 10 ~ +50C;